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Music Activities Supported Learning Outcome in Thai Music For Thai Qualifications Framework For Higher Education of Rajabhat Universities in Bangkok

The aims of the research were to study Thai music activities in Rajabhat universities in Bangkok and to study music activities supported learning outcome for Thai Qualifications Framework for higher education in Rajabhat universities in Bangkok. The subjects for this study were 4 Rajabhat universities in Bangkok by interview 7 lecturers who teach Thai music skill. The result revealed aspects as follows:1) There are 6 Thai music activities consist of listening, singing, performing, presenting and creating can be supported 6 items of Thai Qualifications Framework for higher education 1) moral and ethical behavior, 2) knowledge, 3) intellectual skill, 4) personal relations skill, 5) mathematical analysis skill, communication skill and information technology application skill and 6) music skill. Keywords´┐Ż Music activities, Learning outcome, Thai music, Thai qualification framework, Rajabhat Universities.