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The Most Popular Major Subject to Study Music Masterís Degree of Bachelor Music Students in the University of Bangkok Area

The study demand of interested to studying in the each major subject of masterís degree from bachelor music students in the University of only Bangkok area. This research analyse by questionnaire about the decision to study in each subject of masterís degree (in the university around Thailand) from only fourth year or last year bachelor music students of 10 universities in Bangkok including: 1) Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University. 2) Barnsomdej Jaopraya Rajabhat University. 3) Chantara Kasem Rajabhat University. 4) Pranakorn Rajabhat University. 5) Chulalongkorn University. 6) Kasetsatara University. 7) Srinakarintarawirot University. 8) Rama Karmhang University. 9) Silapakorn University. 10) Krungtep Thonburi University. The questionnaire study studentís decision from many factors how to decide study music masterís degree in each major or refuse such as the prospect to career in the future, the facility of spending, the influence from family, the attitude and the other factor. Result can make guideline for many universities when they want to create curriculum for masterís degree in the future. The result showing the bachelor student interested to study music masterís degree in many subject of music and many university in each province such as music education the first popular to studying at Phayab University(Chiang-mai Province),Mahidol University(Nakorn Pratom Province), Mahasarakarm University(Mahasarakarm Province),Bansomdej Jaopraya Rajabhat University(Bangkok Province),Chulalongkorn University(Bangkok Province). The second is musicology at SrinaKarin Tarawirot University (Bangkok Province) , KornKan University(Kornkan Province)The third is music performance at Mahidol University, Mahasarakarm University.And the last one is music composition at Mahidol University,Chulalongkorn University. Keywordsó Most popular major, Music master Degree, University in Bangkok.