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Human Resources Management Policies and Practices Scale (HRMPPS): Using Confirmatory Factor Analysis (CFA)

Given the strategic relevance of Human Resources Management (HRM) in financial institutions (Bank) and the lack of scientific instruments to measure employees’ perceptions about policies and practices of (HRM). So, this study aimed to validate the Human Resources Management Policies and Practices Scale (HRMPPS) to achieve this goal, we used a confirmatory factor analysis (CFA) through AMOS software. Employees from (Jumhouria bank) in Libya composed a sample of 381 employees. Construct validity was provided through convergent and discriminant analyses (AVE >SV). In addition to, the model was generated showing good fit. The contributes of this study will be to the scientific production in the area of Human Resources Management since (HRMPPS) can be also used not only in relational studies but also as an evaluation instrument by managers who wish to improve their employees’ well-being as well as organizational outcomes. Keywords— Recruitment and Selection policy, Involvement Policy, Performance Appraisal Policy, Compensation and Rewards policy, Training and Development Policy.