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Sediment Properties of Pantai Punggur

Pantai Punggur or Punggur beach is one of the critically eroded locations identified along the south-west coast of Peninsular Malaysia. Before erosion mitigation is proposed, initial investigations including the determination of sediment properties along the shore should be made. In this study, pantai Punggur has been found to be a very mild-sloped mud flat with slope between 1:400 and 1:1000. From the soil samples collected along the shoreline in 2012 and 2013, Punggur beach is classified as having marine-clay sand with 75.83% to 122.63% moisture content and 2.2% to 11.2% organic content. Along the landward limit of the nearshore zone, the sediment consisted of well-graded sand while along the seaward limit, the sediment consisted of marine clay. Specific gravity for the sand is found to be between 1.1 and 1.85, while for the marine clay is 2.62. Based on Stokesí equation, the settling velocities obtained for sand samples are between 0.020 m/s and 1.197 m/s, and for clay samples are between 7.15  107 m/s to 3.23  105 m/s. Keywords- Erosion; marine clay sand; Punggur; sediment properties