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The Influence of Perceived Social Risk and Buying Behaviour on Apparel Retail Store Choice Among Generation Y Female Students in Southern Gauteng, South Africa

Store choice has become an area of concern for a retailer and with no clear verdict as to what drives customers in the selection of a store. Shopping at the right store with the right social reputation may be essential for many customers. Therefore, the dynamic store choice decision can be conceptualised as a problem of deciding where and when to shop. The primary objective of this study was to determine the influence of perceived social risk and buying behaviour on apparel retail store choice among Generation Y female students in Southern Gauteng of South Africa. A quantitative research method was utilised andthree hypotheses were empirically validated using a sample of 370 students from North West University and Vaal University of Technology in Southern Gauteng, South Africa. Through descriptive statistics, correlation analysis and structural equation modelling, the results indicated that there are positive relationships between the posited research variables (perceived social risk, buying behaviour and retail store choice). Managerial implications of the findings are discussed and limitations and future research directions are alluded to. Keywordsó Perceived Social Risk, Buying Behaviour, Retail Store Choice, Female Generation Y Consumers.