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The Effect of Market Orientation and its Associated Barriers on University Perfomance Using Markor Scale: A Study of Universities of Technology in South Africa

Modern marketing theory recommends the implementation of the marketing concept, thus emphasising market or customer orientation or in the case of Higher Education�s Institutions (HEIs), a student orientation. Market orientation places a special emphasis on market sensing, dissemination of market intelligence and responsiveness to this intelligence throughout the whole organisation.In this light, adoption of Resource Based Theory (RBT) as the underlying theory in addressing market orientation, as well as being the theoretical foundation for the development of market orientation sustainability framework is advocated by this study. The purpose of the study was to report on academic�s perception towards market orientation, barriers and university performance within South African�s Universities of Technology (UoT). Pretesting and a pilot study precede the main study. The study utilising a questionnaire designed to reflect academics perceptions, was undertaken on a convenience sample across all six UoTs. Out of 1250 questionnaires sent to participating institutions, a total of 528 responses were received and this resulted in a return rate of 42% for the main study. Data analysis was done using descriptive statistics, correlation analysis, factor analysis, regression analysis and structural equation modelling. Results of the study confirmed the reliability and validityof the measuring instrument. The findings of the study supported the predetermined theoretical and empirical objectives as well as the hypothesis of the study. Managerial implications of the findings are discussed as well as limitations and future research directions are indicated. To increase the university performance for UoTs, top management as well as marketing practitioners alike should place more emphasis on those factors that emerged from the study as critical to the academics. Keywords� Resource Based Theory, Market Orientation, Barriers to Market Orientation, University Performance and Universities of Technology.