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Blue Ocean Leadership Determinants

The Malaysian Government has acquired a large shareholding in several Malaysian companies to meet national aspirations, social concerns and global challenges. Known as ‘Government-Linked Companies’ or GLCs, they play a vital role in the country’s economy. For the GLCs to sustain it need to build a sustainable business and community in the organization and it has to find ways to optimize the best practices such as in leadership which can help in improving its organization competencies, particularly the performance. Blue Ocean Leadership aims is to achieve an organizational increase in leadership strength quickly and at low cost, which translates into high performance for the business. The sample includes three organization under GLC that were recognized by the Government Linked Companies Transformation Program (GLCTP). The study uses a structured questionnaires to collect the data from the organization. The structured survey questionnaires was distributed to leaders from middle to top management level. The findings showed that the blue ocean leadership has satisfactory construct validity with 16 factors extracted. Reliability results for the instrument shows that based on the 16 variables, all the variable are acceptable but for laissez fair even with cronbach alpha less than 0.6, it is still accepted due to the number of sample which is low Keywords- Government-Link Company (GLC), Leadership, Blue ocean leadership