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Developing A Conceptual Model For A Spice Export Company To Select A Freight Forwarder In Sri Lanka

The study deals with the factors affecting the freight forwarder selection process, to study the interactions between them and thus empirically assess which factors are most influencing in logistics operations that must be given a careful attention. For studying the interaction between the factors and prioritizing the factors, have used ISM (Interpretive Structural Modeling) technique, by which the weights for the performance factors are examined and ranked. A conceptual model is developed via the results of the ISM method. AHP (Analytical Hierarchy Process) was used to rank the freight forwarders and found out the best freight forwarder from a group of freight forwarders. This method is applied to spice industry. Qualification and final selection of the freight forwarder are done based on the method proposed. Data have collected from the mentioned industry and the results are implemented by the industry. Index terms- Freight Forwarders, Interpretive Structural Modeling (Ism), Analytic Hierarchy Process (Ahp), Main Criteria, Sub Criteria, Priority Weight.