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Effect of Human Resource Management, Organization Commitment and Organization Climate Toward The Performance of Employees at Regional Excise Office 5, Thailand

The purpose of this research was to study the human resource management, organization commitment, organization climate and performance including effect of human resource management, organization commitment and organization climate toward the performance of employees at Regional Excise Office 5. It was survey research. The population was 267 employees from Regional Excise Office 5. The research tool in collecting data was questionnaire format. It was the survey research with descriptive statistics to analyze the frequency, percentage, means, standard deviation and inferential statistics of Smart PLS. technique. The research outcome revealed that the majority of population were female and male in similar proportion, with the average age of 26 - 35 years old, with the married status, with undergraduate as majority education level, with working experience over 10 years, with the monthly income between 10,001 15,000Bath, with workers at state offices. The level of opinion was at high level on all factors with human resource management, organization commitment, organization climate and performance of employees. The outcomes of the structure equation model analysis revealed that human resource management had highest effect toward organization climate, followed by the organization commitment and performance, organization commitment had highest direct effect toward performance and organization climate had direct effect toward performance. The statistical significant level of 0.05 Keywords- Human Resource Management, Organization Commitment, Organization Climate, Performance.