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The Internet and Social Media in Poliitical Participation in Indonesia

This research explores the Internet and social media in political participation in Indonesia. The Integrated Participatory Political Marketing (IPPM) and the Mixed-Mediated and Online Political Campaigning (MMOPC) are the concepts to posit new alternative models of marketization of politics and professionalization of campaign. This paper analyses the Internet and social media during Jokowidodo’s campaign. This research uses social media such as Facebook, and Twitter, and also Internet such as You Tube for the observation. For analysis and discussion, author finds that direct election requires the candidates of president to establish war campaigning on the Internet and social media. Jokowi’s campaign was very successful in establishing the Integrated Political Marketing Model (IPPM) and the Mixed-mediated and online political campaigning (MMOPC). Keywords— Internet, Direct Election, Marketization of Politics, Political Campaigning, Social Media,