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Studentís Counselling Service in Problem Solving For Business and Computer Education Students, Faculty of Education, Kasetsart University

The research objective was to studystudentsí problems and solutions through students counselling service for students who were studying in Business and Computer Education Major under Faculty of Education, Kasetsart University in 3 issues, including 1) Studying Problems, 2) Behaviours and LifeSkills Problems, and 3) Economics Problems in Family. Research populations were 18 bachelor degree students who were studying in Business and Computer Education Major that were suggested through student counselling service by head of researcher. Research instrument was the record form of studentsí problems and the properly ways to solve studentsí problems. Data were analysed by Frequency (Studentsí Backgrounds) and Content Analysis (Record of problems and ways to solve studentsí problems). Research finding results were found that most students got GPA between 3.00-3.49 and the General Accounting Subject was withdrawn by students at high rate. There were 3 important studentsí problems that comprised of 1) studying problems, 2) behaviours and life Skills problems, and 3) EconomicsProblems in Family. The guidelines to solve studentsí problems were suggested that students should apply Buddhaís Teaching (4 Steps Secret of Successful Studying and Working) to achieve their studying goal and students should apply the Contemplative Education Concept to studentsí Practices in well-being human. In addition, students ought to apply PDCA (Plan Do Check Action) process to manage, protect, and solve student problems in financial management in family economics. Index terms- StudentsíCounselling Service, Studentsí ProblemsSolving