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Software Engineering and its Applications

Software engineering continues to be infused with new technology and new practices. Acceptance of new techniques grows and older techniques are discarded. The topics listed as “generally accepted” in this Guide are carefully selected at this time. Inevitably, though, the selection will need to evolve. At its most basic, a software requirement is a property which must be exhibited in order to solve some problem in the real world. The Guide refers to requirements on “software” because it is concerned with problems to be addressed by software. Hence, a software requirement is a property which must be exhibited by software developed or adapted to solve a particular problem. The problem may be to automate part of a task of someone who will use the software, to support the business processes of the organization that has commissioned the software, to correct shortcomings of existing software, to control a device, and many more. The functioning of users, business processes, and devices is typically complex. By extension, therefore, the requirements on particular software are typically a complex combination of requirements from different people at different levels of an organization and from the environment in which the software will operate. We discuss about software engineering and its application in science and technology. Keywords— Computer, Software Engineering, Education.