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Identifying Indicators of Green Supply Chain Management in Atlas Tile Company: Taking Environmental Considerations into Account

The increasing importance of environmental issues requires efforts in different area of research and application. In this regard, the present study aimed to determine the drivers of green supply chain management with considering environmental issues in order to put green supply chain management into practice in Atlas Tile Company. This study is an applied research in terms of purpose and a descriptive-survey research in terms of method. The statistical population of this research is the experts in Atlas Tile Company. A sample comprising of 105 members was selected using simple random sampling method. The statistical instrument consisted of a scale containing 40 items. Reliability of the scales was confirmed by Cronbach’s Alfa and validity of the scales was confirmed by content validity. For analyzing data, exploratory factor analysis using SPSS software was employed. The results reveal that from the frothy measurement items, a six-factor measurement model fits the data acceptably. The factors include internal environmental management, green purchasing, cleaner production, recovery, eco-design and green marketing and can explain the 86.557% of the total variance. Keywords— Environmental Considerations, Green, Supply Chain Management.