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The Impact of Talent Management on The Competitive Advantage in The Organizations

This study aimed to shed light on the concept of talent management as one of the new schemes that brought to Human Resources Management and its various activities especially in the new era. Furthermore, it comes not only to explore the reasons behind adopting such concept in organizations and companies and the impact on its culture but also to identify the most important strategies of talent management and how to deal with its considered as a competitive advantage for its direct impact on performance level as well as to identify the best ways to invest in talent management because of its effects on reducing the economic cost in the organization by retaining and motivating those talents to implement organization overall strategies . Human resources - especially talented - contribute to the achievement of competitive advantage in their organizations because they innovate in their field and they have the ability to make the right decisions to achieve goals In fact, there are some aspects that reflect the weakness of organizational loyalty leading talented people to leave their organizations; this is due to some repellent factors in their organizations, and the absence of the tools which will work on the employees’ development in the organizations so as to enhance the affiliation, which led to unload a lot of talents Keywords— Talent, Talent Management Human Resources Management, Talent Management Strategy, High Performance Work Systems. Competitive Advantage.