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Exploring The Negative Side of Social Networking Sites: The Role of Privacy Risk And Trustworthiness

Online social marketing has become an important and widely used source of information. With fast growing advertisement market through social website, the violation of privacy is getting its position as a significant concern when growing online technical convenience. This research paper examines the relationship between users� perception of an SNS�s (Social Networking Site) trustworthiness and privacy risk with their intention to use the site. The results of this study indicated that the intention to use SNS was positively influenced by the attitude towards use, perceived usefulness (PU), perceived ease of use (PEOU), subjective norms, and behavioral control. The indirect negative impact of perceived privacy risk on the intention to use was approved. Attitude toward use, perceived ease of use, subjective norms, perceived behavioral controls, and privacy risk also have positive impacts on intention to use. The mediating effects of perceived ease of use, attitude toward use, and subjective norms were also examined in this study. Keywords- Information Privacy, Social Networking, Risk, Online, Trust, Social Norm.