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Current Ways in Human Sexuality in The Contemporary Society

- Human sexuality is a vital principle of human living that connects the desire, energy and pleasure of the body to a knowledge of human intimacy for the sake of intimate friendship, human mating and procreation. It is determine by environment and genetics to form sexual orientation. The crux of this paper is human sexuality in a contemporary society. The authors aim here is providing sexuality information in biological (psychological and physiological), sociological and philosophical perspective with an overbearing influence on how people express and experience sexual life. The individual undergo a developmental process that may lead to risky sexual behaviours if information of human sexuality is despised. The adolescent particularly is characterized by some belief in immorality, desire to experiment, seek peer approval, short term relationships and unrealistic expectations about the likelihood and consequences of pregnancy. The paper examines also sexual behaviour and lifestyles which include heterosexuality, homosexuality, auto-erotic sexuality among others with an explanation that heterosexuality is the deliration as it meets the core values of sexuality. Identified problems of sexuality include unwanted pregnancy, suppression of reproduction, incompatibility among parties and sexual desire disorders. Finally the likelihood and challenges of sexuality are harnessed using education and advocacy as a viable tool for overhauling the sexual misdemeanor in the society. Keywords- Human Sexuality, Problems, Prospects, and the Practice of Human sexuality