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Comparative Analysis of Cascode LNA Performance Based on Microstrip Matching Networks

This paper presents a comparative analysis of cascode LNA performance based on Microstrip matching networks applicable for wireless applications. The amplifier use FHX76LP Low Noise SuperHEMT FET. The LNA designed used four types of matching network consisting of lump reactive element at the input and the T-matching network at output terminal. From the analysis results the T-matching network of cascode low noise amplifier (LNA) produced gain of 19.52 dB and noise figure (NF) of 1.01 dB. The input reflection (S11) and output return loss (S22) are -14.73 dB and -12.07 dB respectively. The bandwidth of the amplifier recorded is 1.5GHz. The input sensitivity is compliant with the IEEE 802.16 standards. Keyword- Cascode LNA, Radio Frequency, Matching Network