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Gastronomy Tourism as The Possibility of Economic and Social Development Region

Regional brands contribute to sustainable development in the region in three areas: economic, environmental and social sphere. The economic area includes recovery of rural areas and associated subsequent development. It helps to maintain employment in the region and thus prevents outflow of people to large cities. For producers it means higher added value, it strengthens their promotion and advertising. The social area can be understood as the cohesion of local residents to the region which they are proud of. Within the social sphere, effective collaboration occurs between local businesses, local governments, NGOs and other institutions. In terms of environmental friendliness or the environmental sphere, it is environmentally friendly production. It is a principle of the use of local ingredients, including their consumption, leading to shorter transport and shipping distances. Regional labelling also helps in this area to perceive the relationship between natural, cultural and socio-economic aspects of the region. Regional labelling contributes to sustainability in tourism, including culinary. The aim of the article is focused on the importance of regional foods in terms of benefits for tourism, the producers themselves and consumers of regional foods and especially as the development potential of the region. A field survey was prepared based on theoretical bases. With the help of a questionnaire survey, the quantitative survey was focused on the attitudes and opinions of consumers of regional foods in connection with tourism. Qualitative investigation using semi-structured interviews was conducted with producers of regional foods. The results will be discussed and a conclusion will be determined for practical application in the development of the region. Keywords- Region, regional development, regional food, tourism, culinary tourism