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Transforming ERP Into MBA Curriculum: An Innovative Framework

This paper integrates ERP to the Business Process Management Common Body of Knowledge developed by the Association of Business Process Management (BPM) Professionals [1] for MBA curriculum development. The study identifies four BPM knowledge areas: enterprise system management, business processes management, business performance management and project management from the BPM Common Body of Knowledge that need to be covered in the MBA curriculum. The appropriate ERP technology components are incorporated to each of the four identified BPM areas. This study will propose an integrated framework to integrate ERP to BPM cores. The presentation will illustrate the integrated ERP curriculum by discussing the design, content, and teaching methods for the four BPM areas using SAP as the software tool. The research is to provide ERP digital transformation to MBA curriculum to meet the global shortage of next generation leaders and professionals. Keywords- BPM, ERP, MBA Curriculum, Business Processes