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Boycott Intelligence And The Indian Consumers

Consumer boycott can be stated as a process of initiating resentment by consumers towards business companies or nations for voicing to refrain from using or consuming certain products and services .In this process consumers always express discontentment on some particular violation of cultural, social or ethical norms, communicated in a verbal and non -verbal manner. Any act of boycott requires solidarity of a section or group of masses which can have an impact on both micro and macro levels, according to chambers 20th century dictionary a consumer boycott is to shut out from all social and commercial intercourse: to refuse to take part in, deal with, handle by way of trade etc." The purpose of this paper is to highlight the emerging features of consumers boycott actions refraining from using certain products and services especially in India and find out the eminent reasons behind such actions in the market place With India being a High context culture nation the early history also depicts the initiation of 1857 mutiny and the boycott of British goods through Civil disobedience movement by Indians primarily because of negligent violation of Cultural and social hindu norms by ruling colonial British rulers The paper attempts to explore the significance of consumer boycott and its association with Indian consumers. How boycott issues are associated with Indian consumers and what set of norms and beliefs ignite boycott actions among Indians. The final purpose will be towards developing a business model or an early warning system that can help foreign companies to avoid boycotting situations for their products and services in Indian market Keywords- Boycott, boycott, Surrogate, effectiveness.