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The Impact of Social Media on English Major Students’ Engagements With English Outside The Classroom

Thanks to the fast growing Information and Communication Technology, social media has increasingly become a vital part of our daily routine as well as working or learning environments. The purposes of this study are to identify types of social media most frequently used by 3rd year English major students, and to study the students’ engagements with English outside the classroom. Samples include 78 – 3rd year students, English language program, faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University, Bangkok, Thailand. A Likert Scale Questionnaire is used to collect the data, and the statistics employed include percentage, mean, and Standard Deviation. The research findings point out that the most frequently used social media tool is Line followed by Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter respectively. Moreover, students’ engagements with English outside the classroom accomplish a range of language functions in English in high level taking about 6-8 hours per day. And 3 most frequently used functions found in high level include 1) watching cartoon with English sound track from websites followed by 2) reading articles in English form journals and magazines, and 3) watching TV programs in English from TV. It can be concluded that the impact of social media on students’ engagement with English outside the classroom implies the urgent need to rethink about the students’ changing learning behaviors, and the skills relating to social media. Keywords- Internet Users, Self-regulated Learning, Social Media, Students’ Engagements