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Academics And Social Workers Collaboration With Sultanah Bahiyah Foundation (YSB) Towards Sustaining Teenagersí Well-Being

Teenagers and youth represent both a challenge and an opportunity for development. In moving forward, the Government realizes the need to address social issues among teenagers. The involvement of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and charitable organizations (COs) is vital towards the development of a nation. One charitable organization with this noble mission is the prominent non-profit charitable organization called Sultanah Bahiyah Foundation (YSB) who strives towards aiding and contributing to the development of the teenagers and youth.YSBís projects and activities cover a broad spectrum and involve all age groups. Academics and social workers had reached out and were also involved in most of YSB programme that aims to enhance the personality of teenagers. To date, there is a renewed interest in research collaboration between NGOs and academics. Academics can work together with NGOs to demonstrate how their research is having an impact upon society through engagement between academics and practitioners. This paper focusses on two activities under the Titian Ehsan Programme (PTE), a programme organized by YSB which targets the teenagers. The collaboration model which guided the management of the activities organized by YSB has made it as one of the prominent non-profit charitable NGO in Kedah state. Index terms- Collaboration model,Non-governmental organization, Teenagers, Social issues, Social workers