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Uncovering Social Awareness Through Prescribed Themes Of World History Utilizing Reeves Reflexivity: An Action Towards The Development Of A Protocol Program For Social Awareness

It was found out that the themes in world history that undergone social processes (social sensitivity, social insight and social awareness) helped the students in developing awareness as shown evident on their inventory scores� weighted average. Moreover, the themes derived from their reflexive journal after the tedious data triangulation revealed consistency and association. Furthermore, the pre-test and post � test scores of the students on social awareness exhibited significant difference and this allows the researcher to conclude that the intervention of reflexivity provided a significant difference on the student�s scores. These results aided the researcher in the development of a Social Awareness Program or �The YOUTH Program�. It aims to equip students with valuable experiences as they apply the concepts gained on social awareness on a community level. Keywords- Social Awareness, World History, Themes, Reflexivity, Instruction