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How And Why? Edmodo As A Blended Learning Tool: A Brief Overview Of Usage And Research

One of the Web 2.0 technologies is Social networking websites. Apart from what these tools have brought to daily life, they can be used for educational purposes. This paper deals with Edmodo, one of the Web 2.0 tools for education. Edmodo is evaluated as a content management system and professional learning environment. In fact, there have been two important questions which teachers seek answers: �How to use Edmodo to change their tradional classrooms into blended learning situations?� and "Why Edmodo?" The answer to these questions were analyzed in the light of research. It was concluded that Edmodo can be used in different ways like giving assignments, creating quizzes, storing course materials in the library, organizing the class schedule and integrating multimedia applications into the classroom. Studies also support that students like Edmodo and they favor it. Index Terms- Edmodo, Web 2.0 tools, blended learning, Social networking sites.