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Alignment of Human Resources Management To Business Strategy In The Russian Banking Sector

In this article alignment of human resources management (HRM) to business strategy in the Russian banking sector is considered. Conclusions of the study are based on the analysis of HR policies and sixty-seven questionnaires of HR directors of banks. HR experts of the Russian banking sector evaluated four statements regarding HR alignment to a bank’s strategy using 7-point Likert scale. Analysis of the average scores for each statement allowed to identify the differences in HRM for different banks depending on type of business and ownership (state/ private, international/ local). Kruskal-Wallis test and Kendall rank correlation analysis between the indicator of HRM alignment to a bank’s strategy and organizational characteristics of banks demonstrated that the level of alignment of HRM to business strategy statistically differs for banks depending on its type of business. Other organizational characteristics of banks do not influence on SHRM in the Russian banking sector. Keywords- human resources management, strategic HR management, banking sector, Russia.