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Efficient Post Payment Method Using the Drones

Today, various types of drones are flying in the sky even now. The railway and automotive industry that brought about innovation of logistic transfer will be quite a change through drones. Drones go beyond the constraints of space with the existing railways and cars. Namely, they can be moved to anywhere in the path through which the flight. Like this, utilization of the movable drones will be more increased by combining with a variety of future service contents. Especially, it will be grafted and utilized primarily in delivery of small goods. At this time, the biggest problem is the post-pay payment method. Currently, the verification for the addressee by using the drones is not possible. I mean, it cannot be responsible for lost items because the ships are possible as putting down the delivery item and returning at the place of delivery. And secondly, there is no corresponding method for damaged goods delivered such as breakage can be occur in delivery process. This, customer can not perform a test of whether their own received the correct things. Finally, we can not select a payment method in accordance with the user's situation. Typically, the pre-payment method is usually done, however, post-paid payment method is also valid. Thus, post payment method should be also provided. In this paper, to solve these problems, we proposed the NFC based payment method and be progressing the effective user verification for post payment. Index Terms´┐Ż Drone, Payment System, Drone Post Payment.