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Sports and Health at Girls Schools in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Objectives are to explore the opinion of females students about encouraging sports in their schools and analyze the most preferred sport for them and Describe the important of school sports to their health Method : survey was randomly distributed to several Public ,Private and International girls students for all levels Elementary, Secondary and High schools at Riyadh City ,Saudi Arabia. Then recollected within 48 hours, the questioner language was Arabic for public and private schools while it was in English for the International Girls schools ,The survey covers the School level, type of the school , Do you encourage sports at girls schools ? if yes how many sessions/per week ?also it shows the types of sports the students would encourage, also indicates the reasons behind encouraging or discouraging it. Results : total of 880 female students had completed the survey 65.45% (576 student ) were from public schools whom 100% encourage to have sports at their schools , while 30.11% (265) from private schools whom 97% would encourage to continue having sports at their schools ,and 4.43% (39 student) were from International schools whom 100% encourage to continue having sports at their schools most students 43.80% (382)Recommended 3 sports sessions /week and the most sport recommended was swimming 81.81% ,and the most common reason for encouraging sports at girls schools was sports increases concentration and improves memory at school with 70.90% Conclusion :Girls school’s students from 3 levels in Riyadh are encouraging having several sessions of different types of sports at their schools whether it is Public , Private or International girls schools indicating its' importance on their body health and on improving their concentration and learning gain at schools and on improving their school attendance Recommendation : To conduct several sessions of different types of sports for all levels at girls schools under the supervision of female teachers in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.