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Assessment of Learning Styles for Medical Students Using Vark Questionnaire

Students learn in several ways and instructors have to design and outline their courses to meet the needs of those students. It is a vital issue to specify the learning styles of students in order to reach the goal of learning. In this study the learning style for a representative sample of Inaya Medical College (IMC) Students has been reported. A VARK questionnaire (Version 7.0) has been administrated to the students who were enrolled in foundation year (FY) and graduation year (GY) have been determined and compared. The research sample consisted of 110 medical students of Inaya Medical College. The representative sample consists of 55 students of FY and 55 students from GY. Based on the assessment of the research data the students have been classified into five groups according to their favorite style of learning has been performed. In FY group, the largest group of students consisted of those are multimodal learning style and most of them considered bimodal learner styles one of them is kinestatic learning style. In GY group, the largest group of students consisted of those are preferred the aural. The classification of the students into the other four learning styles was more or less even. Assessment of student learning style is a vital part in teaching/learning process. Thus medical educators should accommodate their classes to meet all learning styles of the students through using different teaching strategies and aids. Keywords´┐Ż VARK; Medical Students; Learning Styles; Academic Achievements.