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8P�Sofmarketing Mix Towards Repurchase Intention Of Domestic low cost airline In Thailand: A Conceptual Framework

The objectives of this study are to study the factors influencing repurchase intention of the passengers who use the services of low cost airlines to study the relationship of marketing mix 8P�s , Customer Loyalty and passengers� satisfaction towards Repurchase intention in low cost airlines. And, to develop the imitated equality of the causing structures of repurchase intention. The research studied only the low cost airlines passengers from the respondents who were passengers in Thai low cost airlines at Donmeung Airport. The data was collected from 300 copies of questionnaires. For quantitative research, researcher created questionnaires from the collection of concepts, theories, principles, problems condition, and operation problems which are involving to Marketing Mix 8P�s , Customer Loyalty, Customer satisfaction and repurchase intention. The sources of the research were from documents, books, articles, and other researches. For the qualitative research, researcher created interview form from concepts collection, theories, problem condition, and conformed to research�s hypothesis and quantitative research for more credible information. Keywords� Marketing Mix 8P�s, Customer Loyalty, Customer satisfaction, Low cost airline, Repurchase intention.