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Public Attitude Of Thai Residential Toward Nuclear Power Plants: A Perspective

This paper deals with the new perspective structure of public attitude towards nuclear power plants in Thailand. Special emphasis is on the issues of public attitude in relation to public knowledge, perceived benefits and perceived risks. Knowledge has been considered as a key factor for changing people's risks and benefits perception of attitude toward nuclear power technology. In the past, some studies indicated the positive effect of knowledge in changing public attitude. This study reviewed the past research about public attitude formation, changed in risks-benefits perception by the public knowledge on nuclear power and explained the new framework of relationship. The structural equation model is used to construct the relationship among factors. Each latent variable was developed from previous studies in nuclear power or renewable energy field. From the structural model of this analysis, the important findings will be reflected in the public attitude improvement strategy for the nuclear power program in Thailand. Keywords´┐Ż Public knowledge, Perceived benefits, Perceived risks, Public attitude, Nuclear power