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A Conceptual Framework of a Modified Tam and TRA Model in The Intention to Use Electricity From Nuclear Power Adoption in Thailand

The demand for electricity increase every year depended on economic growth. Accordingly, Thai government plan to seek the new sources of energy to fulfill electricity capacity and reduce fossil fuels called Power Development Plan (PDP). The nuclear power technology is one of the new sources that can produce more electricity, low environmental impact and low production cost per unit. In addition, the public attitude of broad citizen is the main factor driving the Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) project in Thailand. However, after the Fukushima accident affected public attitudes toward NPPs then the governments around the world have revised the NPP projects. Nonetheless, there is insufficient research in public attitude on developing countries like Thailand and limited understanding of the underlying factors that affect its adoption. Hence, in this paper we developed a conceptual framework of a Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) and Theory of Reason Action model (TRA) with knowledge factors towards the intention to use electricity of nuclear power in Thailand. However, the paper’s approach is based on an in-depth literature review. Keywords— Nuclear power, Electricity, TAM, TRA, Intention to use.