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Stressor Effects on Thai it Professionals� Job Satisfaction, Organizational Commitment and Work Fatigue: A Conceptual Framework

Work stressors are associated with a wide range of health outcomes, including depression and anxiety disorders, suicide, workplace injuries and accidents and cardiovascular risk. This study therefore explores the conceptual framework on the causes of stress influencing job satisfaction, organizational commitment and workplace fatigue on Thai information technology professionals. Simple random sampling will be used to gather data through self-administrated questionnaires from an anticipated total of 320 respondents comprising IT managers, executives, and HR managers. The intent of the study is to help corporate and governmental leaders visualize more clearly the work and associated stress related issues of IT professionals which will hopefully increase retention, increase efficiency while reducing costs and job productivity. As Thailand is a leader in ASEAN�s 625 million citizen digital economy, this study hopes to enhance Thailand�s role as well as the industry�s international competitive advantage. Keywords� ASEAN, Data Processing, MIS, Networking, Job Stress, Thailand, Work Stress.