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Design And Implemetation Of A General English Examination System Based On Web

To solve the limitations of single exam mode and fixed question-types of most existing English examination system, the paper put forwards a kind of generalEnglishexamination system based on Web with diversified exam modes and extensible question-types. The system is compatible with four kinds of exam modes, the way of invigilating and students’ examination process of different exam mode is different. The feature of extensible question-types is implemented through component-based structure design of question-types, using the JSON data format and React technology. It has been proved by using that the system can applied to various types of common exam in English teaching and testing, can meet the diversified needs for the question types of different users and can improve utilization and generality of the system greatly. Keywords— General Examination System, Exam Mode, Question-Type Structure, Extensible Question-Types, Componentization.