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International Migration And Remittance-Induced Development In Cameroon From 1980-2014: Case Study Of The Kumba Municipality

Migration and remittance induced developments are household names in the Kumba municipality. Although there has been much written about migration, there seems to be no study that exhumes the use of remittances to foster urban socioeconomic and physical development.Thus, this study examines how worker´┐Żs remittances has contributed to socio economic development in the Kumba Municipality from 1980-2014.The qualitative and quantitative research design was used for data collection with the use of questionnaires, semi structured key informant interviews, informal interviews and observation.80.4% of the respondents revealed that remittance-induced investments have contributed to the development in the Kumba municipality. There has been a sustained ascending trend in international migration and remittances in Cameroon in general and Kumba in particular since 1980s. Key Words- International Migration, Remittance, Remittance-Induced Development, Kumba Municipality