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Real Time Based Driverís Safeguard by Analyzing Human Physiological Signals

In this paper a new approach based on bio-signal sensing was used for real time accident avoidance. A wireless embedded system with real time bio-signal processing technique was proposed. The bio-signals sensor module consists of ECG, EEG, EOG and alcohol sensor. These bio-signals were first acquired by the sensor module .Then the signal is rocessed and scheduled in the processor with the help of the RTOS installed in it. The processed signal is transmitted to the receiving section by using the wireless data communication. The receiver unit can read the sensor data from wireless receiver module using zig-bee protocol. This received real time sensor data is compared with the pre-determined data stored in the processor memory and the decision was taken. This can provide warning to the driver by giving alarm and also having vehicle engine ignition control for stopping the vehicle. The parking light must be turned on before the engine stops so that the driverís coming behind can control the vehicle and thereby accident can be avoided. Keywords- Safeguard, Human Physiological Signals, WDC, Receiver etc..