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Design Of Post-Tensioned Prestressed Concrete Beam Using Excel Spreadsheet With Visual Basic Applications

The design of pre-stressed beams is more complicated problem specially when dealing with continuous beams. It is basically a trial-and-error process in an effort to reach the best proportions. Manual computations of the design may take a time for the engineers to arrive in best design. The study on spreadsheet design on post-tensioned prestressed concrete using Excel spreadsheet with Visual Basics applications was developed. The program calculates the required prestressing force, concrete area, steel area, and tendon eccentricities. The developed spreadsheet can compute secondary moments on indeterminate beams, additional non prestressing bars and shear reinforcement designs. The objective of the study to simplify the design computation of post-tensioned prestressed concrete were achieved. The traditional approach of iterative and distinct phases of the design of post-tensioned prestressed concrete was considerably enhanced. The design process had reduced in its duration and complexity by the interaction of the designer at various stages of the design, and the ability to selectively automate those components of the design process that were repetitive and time consuming. Proper judgment from the user/designer could be applied and can be rectified almost instantaneously. The developed program may serve as academic aid since the computation process was systematically reflected on the spreadsheet. The presence of VBA applications has improved the program development capability of Excel spreadsheet. The use of VBA GUIs inside the spreadsheet somehow should be limited because it can result to higher file size and may cause overflow during the execution. Key words- Prestressed Concrete, Post-Tensioned, Excel Visual Basics