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Analysis Of Stress Concentration Factoraround The Hole Of Syntactic Foam Tensile Specimens

Syntactic foam composed of fused borosilicate glass microballoons and vinyl ester resin matrix represents viability for using as lighter material in marine structure. Designing of syntactic foam with higher strength properties is challenging since it is difficult to control the fracture of glass microballoon particles. As a result, the selection of good combination of filler and resin should be considered in order to achieve acceptable strength properties. The focus of this research is to investigate the stress concentration factor (SCF) of syntactic foam comparable with simulation result. The analysis is performed using the strain gage method bonded near the hole area of uniaxial tensile specimens that are radially inhomogeneous plates. The effect of hole with varying composition of fused borosilicate upon stress concentration factors are analysed. Index Termsó Circular Hole, Fuse Borosilicate, Glass Microballoon, Stress Concentration Factor, Strain Gage, Tensile.