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Regression Analysis to Forecast Malaysia’s Imports of Crude Material

In statistics, there are six kinds of linear regression analyses which can be done are namely :simple linear regression, multiple linear regression, ordinal regression, logistic regression, decriminant analysis and multinominal regression [1]. The purpose of conducting the linear regression analysis is to analyze and model relationships that exist between a dependent variable and one or more independent variables using various techniques. The present research used a stepwise multiple regression which is a combination of forward selection and backward elimination method. This stepwise regression method was utilised to select suitable controlled variables which were used to forecast the Malaysia’s imports of crude material. The findings obtained from the stepwise regression method revealed that only four controlled variables namely;Predict price index of (CM), Gross Domestic Products (GDP), the value of exports and the average of sales tax of (CM) were selected. This proved that only these variables influenced the value of imports. Keywords- Forecast; Malaysia ‘Imports; Regression Analysis;. Stepwise Multiple Regression