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Factors In Selecting Mode Choice For Rubber Exporting From Trang To Penang Port

This paper analyzed the transport alternative routes for delivering rubber from Trang province to Penang port. A Cost-Model is used to develop and justify the correspondence of cost and distance of intermodal transport in each choice; Kantang port, Sadao border, and Padang Besar border. Then, the Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) is applied for this analysis. Effectiveness mode is evaluated through three main factors; economics, port/customs and transportation factors. The results show that Kantang port is the primary choice for exporters focusing on cost, Sadao border is the most attractive when focusing on time. Lastly, Padang Besar border will be considered as first when the safety of the product movement becomes most important. Keywordsó Rubber exporting, Mode choice, Penang port, Analytical hierarchy process (AHP).