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The New University Campus of Piri Reis And Its Breeam Certified Buildings

This article is written to make the critique of Piri Reis Maritime University next to the Istanbul Technical University Maritime Faculty in Tuzla, of which the first academic year has started in 2014. The university campus received a BREEAM-very good certificate in the design stage. The campus, which is Turkey�s first Breeam certificated campus, deserves to be counted as one of the best examples of today�s green campuses with the interim certificate that it got. This is why it will be studied and analyzed in this paper. Over this successful example, the current perception and definition of sustainable architecture will be criticized. In order to do this, interviews were conducted with three experts, who are the Breeam assessor, an architect and a landscape architect of the design team of the project. As the result of this study, it is seen that the effort spent is really too much and the project responds to this effort by achieving what is attempting. However, the checklists cannot be always enough to guarantee the quality of a work of architecture. Index Terms- Breeam Certificate, Green Campus, Istanbul, Piri Reis Maritime University.