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The Influence Of Somatic Anxiety On Sport Performances Among Higher Education Ministry Games (Sukipt) Athletes

The main purpose of this study was to identify the levels of somatic anxiety and sport performances among athletes of different categories. In other words, this research aims to correlates the relationship between the level of somatic anxiety and sport performance. The instrument used for the study comprised of a 27-item Competitive State Anxiety Inventory�2 and The Psychological Performance Inventory which had been distributed during sport between universities competition. The sample consisted of 212 athletes who participated in Higher Education Ministry Games (SUKIPT), including the national athletes (N=71), state athletes (N=51), district athletes (N=55) and university athletes (N= 35).The results showed that elite or national athletes exhibited lower levels of somatic anxiety, F (3, 212) = 18.779, p < .01. The result also showed that the exits of negative correlation between somatic anxiety and sport performance among athletes, (r = -0.75; p<0.05). Sport psychologists, sport counselors and coaches should use the present findings to recommend coping strategies to university and district level athletes that are appropriate for dealing with their athletes� somatic anxiety. Index terms- Somatic, Sport Performance, Skill of players.