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Knowledge On Sexuality And Reproductive Health Of Malaysian Adolescents: A Preliminary Study

The current study aims to evaluate knowledge on sexuality and reproductive health of Malaysian school adolescents. The sample consists of 80 school students from eight different districts of Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia. The cross-sectional survey method is employed and stratified sampling technique employed. Knowledge test was administered for getting information regarding sexuality. The data were analyzed through SPSS by using descriptive statistics and independent samples t-Test. The results indicate, male adolescents have more sexual knowledge (M = 21.68) as compared to female (M = 19.43), and there are significant differences between both genders t (78) = 2.080, p =.041. Similarly, in comparison with education,level-5 students have more knowledge as comparing to level-3 (M = 21.08, M = 19.88) respectively. There is no significant differences between both level students t(77) = -1.088, p = .280. Conclusively, the study proved, the students from Jempol and Seremban have more knowledge on sexuality as compared to other districts. Limitations and suggestions for future researches are also conferred. Key words- Knowledge On Sexuality, Reproductive Health, School Adolescents, Malaysia.