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Empowering Grandparenting Style – A Family Based Social Work Practice

There has been an increase in grandparents raising their grandchildren resulting shift in their roles and parenting styles. This article explores grandparents parenting styles and social workers' role in enhancing grandparents potential as alternative caregivers, in the development of the national family. The study used a qualitative approach based on case studies. A total of 23 respondents were successfully interviewed in detail and their answers were analysed thematically. The study found that most respondents use "Passive" style; six respondents exhibited "Surrogate" style, five respondents displayed "Authoritative" style and four respondents showed "Reservoir of Family Wisdom" style. Whereas, only two respondents used the "Fun-Seeker", and “Multi” style. The majority of respondents are taking care of their grandchildren full time. The implications from the study suggest that the role of social workers needs to be empowered to expand grandparents’ potential in developing an upright family system. Future research avenues shed a light to empower grandparents’ involvement in strengthening family system. Keywords- Grandparenting Style, Grandchildren, Empowerment And Social Work.