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Experimental Analysis Of Irregularities Of Granite Surfaces Generated By Abrasive Waterjet

Abrasive waterjet cutting has been proven to be an effective technology for processing various engineering materials. Surface irregularity of machined parts is one of the major machining characteristics that play an important role in determining the quality of engineering components. This paper assesses the influence of process parameters on the irregularities of Granite surfaces generated by abrasive waterjet. Taguchiļæ½s design of experiments was carried out in order to collect surface roughness values. Experiments were conducted in varying water pressure, nozzle traverse speed, abrasive mass flow rate and standoff distance for cutting Granite using abrasive waterjet cutting process. The effects of these parameters on surface roughness have been studied based on the experimental results. Keywords- Abrasive Waterjet, Garnet, Granite, Water Pressure, Mass Flow Rate, Traverse Speed, Standoff Distance