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Development Of Mobile Urine Sensor For U-Health Application By Mid-Infrared Attenuated Total Reflection Spectroscopy

Urinalysis provides powerful information of urinary tract diseases such as metabolism disorder, diabetes, proteinuria, and electrolyte disorder. In this research, micro urine sensor using MEMS IR with ATR is developed for mobile application. To evaluate the performance of urine sensor, the spectrum of glucose, creatine, and nitrite standard were measured and showed the good calibration such as glucose (SEP : 0.036, R2 : 0.994), creatine (SEP : 0.071, R2 : 0.999), and nitrite (SEP : 0.113, R2 : 0.998) When we applied to real urine sample, the calibration results for glucose (SEP : 0.423, R2 : 0.915), total protein (SEP : 6.757, R2 : 0.834), creatine in blood urine (SEP : 0.025, R2 : 0.910), and creatine in normal urine (SEP : 0.018, R2 : 0.950) were obtained. The collected data through this micro urine sensor can be stored and sent to mobile phone as shown in Figure (a) key words- mobile urine sensor, U-Health, Infrared Spectroscopy