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Forest Fire Risk Zonation Mapping And S Forest Fire Preventive Measures In Balangoda Area

Forest fires have become a localized hazard in some areas of Sri Lanka, especially in the study area Balangoda. But the fact is a limited numbers of efforts were taken to control the fires due to lack of risk maps. According to the Disaster Management Center (DMC) throughout the last years it has been reported almost one fire per day nationally. Most tradigical part here is most of fires occur due to anthropogenic activities. This research is focused on three aspects. First is to conduct time series analysis to extract, burn areas within last 10years, second to map the potential of forest fire risk and third to suggest suitable fire preventive measures. Remote sensing, Geographical information system, mathematical model (AHP) and time series analysis is used in this study. Due to several limitations exist, such as; the nature of fires in the study forest area and also the limited no of data, the first aspect is not revealed an appropriate result. However, the second aspect shows that 1.364Square kilometers are potential for fire. Other than using fire break this study has suggested more effective methods which are used worldwide such as; vegetation implementation, firefighting reservoirs and etc. which can be effectively applied to Sri Lanka. Keywords- Burn areas, Risk potential map, preventive measures