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The Value Of City Infrastructures In Mitigating Urban Flood Risks

The provision of flood infrastructures is an important response in the process of mitigating risk floods in many countries. The two common critical impacts of urban floods are the damage of buildings in critical zones and the disturbance of commercial activities in wider areas including the occurence of traffic jams. In addition, the mitigation process of urban floods in developing countries also often faces socio-economic problems especially in associating with high density recidential buildings. This paper is concerned with the value of risk respons in the condition of complex problem solvings. Combining value and risk analysis as a research method is used as a tool in evaluating the process of problem solvings. The benefit/cost ratio is the criteria considered among available alternatives for achieving the best value solution. As a result, this paper suggests the provision of three infrstructures such as supporting infiltration, detention dam, and controlable city ponds which are located in some critical zones as a valuable solution. Key words- infrastructures, urban floods, value engineering, risk mitigation