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Gender Differences in Perception of Sexual Harassment Among Nigerian Banks´┐Ż Employees

Banks in Nigeria need to understand the perceptual difference in both male and female employees to better develop adequate policy on sexual harassment. This study investigated the perceptual differences on sexual harassment among male and female bank employees in two commercial cities (Kano and Lagos) of Nigeria.Two hundred and seventy five employees (149 males, 126 females) were conveniently sampled for this study. A survey design with a questionnaire adapted from Sexual Experience Questionnaire (SEQ) comprises of three dimension scalesof sexual harassment was used. The hypotheses were tested with independent samples t-test. The resultsindicated no perceptual differences in labelling sexual harassment clues between male and female bank employees in Nigeria. Thus, the study recommends that bank managers should support and establish the tone for sexual harassment-free workplace. Keywords- Gender Harassment, Sexual Coercion, Unwanted Sexual Attention, Workplace.