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Implementation Of Science And Technology For Export Products Through Training And Assistance Efforts Improvement Wood Furniture Industry Mpetitiveness In The Global Market In District Klaten Central Java Indonesia

ASEAN free trade area in 2015 has started, it takes competence of Human Resources and product quality, post-crisis economic recovery efforts are still underway. Indonesia's economy is the basis for an increase in riel. Riel sector is the sector that accounts for the greatest portion of the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) of Indonesia. Problems faced by small and medium enterprises include the problems of organizational management and human resources, the problems of production, finance and marketing. To encourage small and medium enterprises seize opportunities and entering the export market, the science and technology program for Products Exports in the year to 3 (three) in 2016 small and medium enterprises to increase exports. Limitations of export markets, technological innovation, lack of business partnership network and business management are still traditional and low utilization of Information and Communication Technology. Based on this reality, SMEs need support implementation of the College of Science and Technology (given the role of universities as agents of social change) so that small and medium enterprises will be in a stronger economic position. One form of accelerating the transfer of technology and management from universities to small and medium enterprises is to develop and mach link between universities and small and medium enterprises through entrepreneurship training and the provision of assistance / advocacy in business management. Keywords- Training, Mentoring, Application Of Science And Technology