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E-Marketing Adoption and Competitive Advantage: Study of Commecial Banks in Nigeria

Electronic-marketing moves commercial banks from traditional marketing into digital marketing which gives them a competitive edge over others in the same industry. In spite of the numerous advantages of e-marketing, there is a growing concern about the payoff of the investments (value for money) as to whether it will be useful to banks in boosting their revenue generation and enhance their competitive advantage. Therefore, the main objective of this study is to examine the relationship between e-marketing adoption and banks� competitive advantage. To achieve this objective, Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) was used with two additional variables (Perceived Value for Money and Service Differentiation) integrated into it, to form the conceptual model. The study was conducted using the entire 17 commercial banks branches in Bauchi metropolis, Nigeria. Census survey method was used with a total valid 221 respondents which involved the staff of all the commercial banks. The results of the regression analysis revealed that perceived usefulness, perceived value for money and service differentiation of e-marketing adoption have significant relationship with the competitive advantage, while perceived ease of use of adopting e-marketing was not found to have any significant relationship with CA. The implications of the study were also adequately discussed. Keywords� Electronic Marketing Adoption(EMA), Competitive Advantage, Technology Acceptance Model(TAM), Nigeria.